Unilight.me - Book

The one book to help you navigate your decisions in life and understand the Universe Laws that are behind everything.

I know it is a bold statement to put, still I believe with all my heart and experience that it is so. It is all because of the very “special” interview that I was blessed to be a part of, and later on implementing the teachings that came out of it in my own life. From a very young age, I felt I was supposed to be a part of something important - never could I have imagined that it would be such an amazing exploration though.


It all started more than 10 years ago from the book writing, due to my friend's awakened ability to channel. What my friend can do is a very powerful form of information transfer that he could express, while being in a form of trance. Using this method, we managed to interview and connect with Michael, a friend from other world who decided to share amazing insights on enlightened, happier, and more connected with Universe life. I know it might sound too out of this world for some of you but believe me – it is so worth pausing disbelieve for a moment and just give it a try.

During the months of conversations we had, I’ve got to ask questions and we were shared information on topics like:

-      meaning of life,

-      how to lead a happy life,

-      dealing with a crisis,

-      connecting with other people,

-      what does it really mean to be enlightened,

-      what does it mean to be your “real” self,

-      nature of acceptance in life is one of the most life-altering concepts,

-      issues with current society models,

-      how ego operates in us,

-      mind believes and their impact,

-      what being in the moment really is,

and finally, we have been shared the Universe Laws which have their own big part in the book, as they describe the fundamental nature and principles that make our life happen and how knowing them can help us live better lives.

It relates to all of us in some way as it consists of very universal truths that, when adopted, can change life for the better on many levels. It is a lot, but this book is something special. A true manual to help us navigate through life.

Word of caution - the book is currently available only on the Amazon book store. Any other source that you might find is not legitimate and should not be used. If you find any fake sources, please let us know via the contact form.