Thoughts on life - vlog series

Youtube channel

I encourage you to visit our Youtube channel as it allows you to get more regular exposure to the concepts and by this understand them better and also get more personal explanations

  • The Youtube Thoughts on life focuses on different perspectives, experiences that help to explain the book concepts better.
  • For supporters corner, we offer Insights Video Series which has extended the full version of the content videos. So it might happen that Thoughts on Life has 3 minutes part out of 10 minutes long video which is fully available in the Insights Video Series for supporters only. Thoughts on life series do not dive as deep as the Insights series but is a more entry-level type of information that allows watchers to spark curiosity and get value for their lives as well. 
  • Another content in the Thoughts on life youtube is more vlog, commenting on recent happenings element. 

Insights series available for supports will have the most value and explanations behind them but Thoughts on life on youtube will also have value, but just more initial parts. It also aims to help introduce the concepts to a broader audience and allow them to get to know the UniLight project better. It is so to keep a level of fairness and gratitude towards people who decide to become regular supports of the project but also to maintain a level of value for everyone no matter supporter or not.