How you can help others

We all come from the same source and that connects us all


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Simple ways to influence reality in a positive way:

  1. Work on yourself to become a more Universally positive being. By this, you manifest a better reality for you and other people.
  2. Share the information, whenever you feel is the right moment. Guide people, never force it though.
  3. Attend local UniLight club and share your challenges, help others with dealing with theirs. (club project is still in progress)
  4. Support people in becoming better and help them when/if you can. Help is a great thing from a Universe perspective.

One of the most important things you can do is to not only help yourself but also help others. Helping can be as simple, as expressing your positive point of view on the matter when there is time for that.

Giving a counter perspective, without forcing, but with caring intention


5. Join one of our live communities on Facebook or an online forum dedicated to supporters of the project. Express yourself, support others with their challenges.

6. If you resonate with this choice, you can support the project also by becoming a supporter of the project.

7. Be there for people, remember other people are in our lives. Sometimes the simplest choice as being there for someone and purely listening is enough to help a lot. If we all would be there more for each other, it would be easier to carry a load of challenges with experience.

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One of the most important things you can do to help yourself is to help others.

By the Law of Karma, you also help yourself.