The name of the project +Unilight.me comes from the composition of 4 parts.

Uni - this stands for the Universe and also Universal. Universal because the information can be applied by anyone and the Universe because the project stands for information that is as accurate to the Universe truths as possible.

Light - we all know what light is, but the perspective taken here means light as a carrier of information. In order for us to "see", light reflects from objects and our eye gets the information that light brings - this creates our perception of the reality.

.me - stands for the information applying to any person that chooses to learn them.

the plus - stands for the positive and the direction of the change.

The mission of Unlight.me is to provide universal light/information for everyone, which is as accurate to the workings of the Universe as possible, and aims for positivity for people and the world.



The values we stand for:

  1. We are human first, and any role we play in society is second. Embracing human-to-human interactions and seeing real people in others, not their functions. 
  2. Be yourself and allow others to be themselves, without causing any harm to others.
  3. Choosing more consciously is a way of liberation - taking into consideration more factors, including the impact of each choice on your state of being, other people, or manifestations.
  4. The world deserves to be a good, positive place, but it is also our work to help it change.
  5. Allowing and embracing change is a necessary part of the transformation and many times it requires patience and aiming for internal growth. Life will offer you opportunities but it is your choice to consider them and follow up on those which can change your life for the better. 
  6. Each day matters - learn to connect with the moment and experience it as best as you can. 
  7. Do your best, which means to give it your best shot within your own real capacity of the day, put in the effort, and at the same time be willing to accept that your best varies due to many factors and allow it to be different at times. Sometimes it is just not giving in to the negative too much if the positive is too far out of the reach for the day.