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If you resonate with project and you feel you would like to do a bit more to assist, I have enabled some easy ways for that. Becoming a supporter means helping maintain and grow the project by a contribution of your choice. I've put together a few dedicated plans that also allow you to get more value from the project.

I definitely want to empathize that the project aims primarily to GIVE value to you and becoming a supporter is totally optional. There are many ways to access some of the information for free (blog, youtube, newsletter, etc.) and from my point of view, the most important choice you can make is to actually get the book. However, if by any means you prefer to learn more from structured video series form which is unique only for supporters, or maybe you simply want to share your appreciation to support the project, I thank you for all the given help. 

If you decide to support you are, first of all, contributing to the project and allowing us to continue working on spreading the information to as many people.


What happens once you decide to help

You support the project. By becoming a member you, first of all, support the creators of the project and allow the continuation of the work towards bringing the information further to humanity. Your help is greatly appreciated.

You gain access to unique parts of the website, that is accessible only when you get a supporter account. This is my way of saying additional thank you to all of you who decide to help more. In that unique part you will be able to find:

  • Dedicated Unilight video - Law of Give & Take explained. In the series, I explain concepts from the book in more in-depth and from different perspectives. It will help you learn and understand better book concepts.
  • Online community, members of the program have access to a supporters-only forum where they can exchange thoughts and questions with each other. There are also different ways to connect that you can read in the community section of the website.
  • Insights video series addresses subjects you deal with and is based on questions only members can post, different metaphors for better understanding, and new examples on how to adapt the information.
  • Dedicated blog posts series that gives additional perspectives, stories, and more in a form of a written blog. 
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We are here to grow, no matter the way.

You can learn and study the presented truths on your own, by just having the book or even with free content. That is your choice and I appreciate you studying them no matter the way you choose.

To spread the word further using new means, to be able to dedicate day to day fully on my side, create additional projects to bring more positive, I appreciate everyone who decides to become a supporter. 

If you resonate with the information and want to learn more it will be my privilege to guide you.

The topics that will be addressed in different forms:

meaning of life,
- how to lead a happy life,
- dealing with a crisis,
connecting with other people,
- what does it really mean to be enlightened,
- what does it mean to be your “real” self,
- nature of acceptance in life is one of the most life-altering concepts,
- issues with current society models,
- how ego operates in us,
mind believes and their impact,
- what being in the moment really is,


Important note - only recurring support gives guarantee access to supporters corner, rest of the options is there if you want to share an additional token of appreciation only.



Recurring support
(has access to supporters corner)


Free plan


This plan is here if you desire access to our baseline community and for you to check some previous of what is available in full version in supporter and supported plus options.

» Access to website account.

» Access to community forums, so you can exchange perspectives with other members.

» 2 free video previews of video - Law of Give & Take explained.

» 2 free video previews of Insights Video Series.

29$ monthly


The supporter plan helps us grow the project and get the message out more in exchange you get unique ways to learn the concepts and regular access to new exclusive content.

Includes everything from the free plan.

» Access to supporter exclusive forums, so you can exchange perspectives with other members.

» Access to chapters I - X (full version) of video - Law of Give & Take explained, ~90 minutes long video series created especially for members. It will give you a more personal explanation by Igor of concepts. Learn more by going here.

» Access to a regular exclusive ~10-20 minutes Insights Video Series made especially for supporters that will help you grow in your connection to Universe, happiness, creatorship, and all aspects that the project covers.

» Access to a regular exclusive blog entries focused on bringing you value on the topics of happiness, manifestations, Universe Laws and more

Supporter plus
79$ per month


If you like to support the project more we have prepared a higher tier plan that allows access to additional parts of the website.

Includes everything from free and supporter plan.

» Access to chapters I - XIII (extended) of video - Law of Give & Take explained, ~106 minutes long video series created especially for members. It will give you a more personal explanation by Igor of concepts. Learn more by going here.

Questions from this tier of supporters will get priority for any upcoming videos that consist of Q&A aspect.

» Access to UniLight Wiki, in which you can easily search the information from the book in the convenient knowledge base on the website. It has only the channeling part information.


Donation box, one time amounts
(no access to supporters corner)


If you feel like helping with a higher amount or different form of one time payment, feel free to use our donation box.

* note that donations through the donation box do not equal gaining access to one of the membership levels described in the recurring packages. It is a donation to support the project and its creator. It applies to both recurring and one-time donations. is not a non-profit organization.

* some contributions might give access to supporters corner on a different basis as a sign of appreciation, but due to the need for the manual process, it is not guaranteed. If you want to get access to supporter's corner pick one of the recurring plans.



Cryptocurrency donation
(no access to supporters corner)

* Another option that is possible is to help with cryptocurrencies. This sort of donation doesn't equal gaining access to the portal and is just a token of appreciation. You can use either of the buttons below, one allows for fully anonymous send, other allows the option to input an email and name.

(only email and name needed)
(no email or name required)

Thank you for all the help that you offer me to grow the project and help with spreading the information. I value this tremendously. 

Igor Orlicki