Becoming a Supporter

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If you resonate with UniLight.me project and you feel you would like to do a bit more to assist, I have enabled some easy ways for that. Becoming a supporter means helping maintain and grow the project by a contribution of your choice.

I definitely want to empathize that the project aims primarily to GIVE value to you and becoming a supporter is totally optional. There are many ways to access some of the information for free (blog, youtube, newsletter, etc.) and from my point of view, the most important choice you can make is to actually get the book. However, if by any means you prefer to learn more from structured video series form which is unique only for supporters, or maybe you simply want to share your appreciation to support the project, I thank you for all the given help. 

If you decide to support Unilight.me you are, first of all, contributing to the project and allowing us to continue working on spreading the information to as many people.


Ways to support Unilight.me



Consider buying an online course

By buying the online course, you not only get additional value, but also help the project grow and sustain itself.


Donation box, one time amounts

If you feel like helping with a higher amount or a different form of a one-time payment, feel free to use our donation box.

* note that donations through the donation box do not equal gaining access to one of the membership levels described in the recurring packages. It is a donation to support the project and its creator. It applies to both recurring and one-time donations. Unilight.me is not a non-profit organization.




Cryptocurrency donation option


Another option that is possible is to help with cryptocurrencies. You can use either of the buttons below - one allows for fully anonymous send, the other allows the option to input an email and name.

(only email and name needed)
(no email or name required)

Thank you for all the help that you offer me to grow the project and help with spreading the information. I value this tremendously. 

Igor Orlicki