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What are the main ideas Unilight.me helps to explore?

Finding yourself

"Ego’s job is to focus on taking, and not allow the giving. When you focus on taking, it is ego always. An enlightened state is giving"

- Unilight.me book


"If you do the cause, it will summon the effect (action).

If you do the effect, it will summon the cause -> drive (manifestation)"

- Unilight.me book

Being yourself.

"Being yourself is a big part of keeping your natural state of being and happiness. Being yourself is nothing more than doing what you chose for yourself to do that would bring you the most happiness."

- Unilight.me book


"Allowance and acceptance of reality and everything around you is also a big part of a great state of being. Acceptance is also part of being yourself, and it means that you allow the flow of anything, and you just live with this flow, the flow of your real self."

- Unilight.me book

Living in alignment with how life was meant to be lived. 

  • A powerful concept that has many different parts to it. What does it mean to live a good life? What perspectives can we take from this?
  • Do not expect the ultimate answer - open yourself up for the exploration of ideas that will enhance your perspective and help you navigate in life.
  • Explore the nature of the Universe and its Laws to help yourself live a more balanced, contrasted and happy life. Unilight.me is here to help you with all of that.


The project was started with one principle in mind and that is to help you grow and live a happier, more satisfying life. Doing this while exploring the nature of self much more consciously, with the proper understanding of how reality operates.

These are the basics that, when learned, give us a compass on our daily decision map and because of that we no longer feel totally lost. It is about building directions that we can take to live a more connected life.

Read more below to understand how it all came to be.

The Book


In life there comes a time when you need to decide.

Do you want to live in a "matrix", where you unconsciously accept certain rules about reality or do you want to disconnect and learn how life really operates?

In my life, I was blessed with an opportunity that gave me access to learning the truths about reality and our human nature, which changed my life 180 degrees.

I want the same for you.

I want you to help you change your life and understand life/the Universe better.

This is what truth is all about. It is here to give you the knowledge which we, as humanity, need so much. Knowledge which describes how we operate, how we can change, and how life works.

This is the next level we are granted and I am deeply privileged to introduce this information.


It all started more than 10 years ago from the book-writing, due to my friend's awakened ability to channel. What my friend can do is a very powerful form of information transfer that he could express while being in the form of a trance. Using this method, we managed to interview and connect with Michael, a friend from another world who decided to share amazing insights on an enlightened, happier life, more connected with the Universe. I know it might sound too out of this world for some of you, but believe me – it is so worth pausing disbelief for a moment and just giving it a try.


During the months of conversations we had, I got to ask questions and we were shared information on topics like:

- the meaning of life,
- how to lead a happy life,
- dealing with a crisis,
- connecting with other people,
- what it really means to be enlightened,
- what it means to be your “real” self,
- the nature of acceptance in life as one of the most life-altering concepts,
- issues with current society models,
- how ego operates in us,
- mind beliefs and their impact,
- what being in the moment really is,

and finally, we were shared the Universe Laws, which play their own big part in the book, as they describe the fundamental nature and principles that make our life happen, and how knowing them can help us live better lives.

Mockup-removebg — kopia


The biggest protection is to be on the Universe side, and manifest all that is good from that.


What is life? What is our role in it? What are the basic Laws governing it? These vastly important questions finally answered.


Understanding what it means to focus on the positive, and all the mental and manifestational power it brings.


One of the biggest and most important factors to learn and adopt is living a life of balance and how balance works in the Universe.


The most powerful principle, which in itself holds the key to how the Universe operates.


Finding yourself and the proper way of expression while relating to others is important for overcoming ego in us.

My story starts with an event that gave me access to information that can change one's whole life completely. It gave me a new and eye-opening understanding of how life really works. I studied how to use the principles to introduce positive change.

The core of it explains how the Universe operates, and that includes things like life mechanics and principles, and laws that govern reality.

DSC_4336 3

I understand that some of you might feel skeptical reading this. In your shoes, I might feel that myself. But if there ever was a situation to go beyond the disbeliefs of our ego, this would be the moment. The stakes of this information are just too high, I fully believe that.

Take your time, evaluate the information. It is for you to see how you relate to the truth and how you will approach it in the end.

Igor Orlicki

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