The Truth

Your gateway to the understanding of life, universe laws & principles of becoming truly happy.

What are the main ideas helps to explore


  • I will help you dive into the understandings of happiness. Challenge the ideas you have currently about it, and help you rebuild your understandings to be closer to how it actually works.
  • Help you use the knowledge about happiness to create a happier and more satisfying life.


  • One of the most fascinating topics is our power to choose.
  • I will do my best to help you explore the power of aligning your choices with the positive side of the Universe, and by this make most of them.
  • On top of that, understanding that building manifestational patterns and habits will help you create the ones you truly desire.
  • Exploring the nature of vibrational alignments and how they influence our choice, will help you appreciate the impact behind each decision you make.

Being yourself.

  • In this day and age so many of us are lost in the pursuit of what others and society want us to be.
  • But what does it mean to be "yourself"? To explore the nature of the self? Getting a good perspective on this is key to not get lost along the way.
  • I will help you understand the nature of the self.
  • We will explore the nature of ego and its negative parts, so you can learn how it works, impacts you.

Deepening spiritual experience.

  • Connect your day-to-day with an understanding of spirituality. 
  • Importance of seeing life through all of its aspects - physical and more subtle ones.
  • Spiritual growth, connecting with Universe more, and becoming more of who we are. 
  • Exploring concepts of being in the moment it's importance.

Living in alignment with how was meant to be lived. 

  • A powerful concept that has many different parts to it. What does it mean to live a good life? What perspectives we can take on this?
  • Do not expect the ultimate answer, you open yourself up for ideas exploration that will enhance your perspective and help you navigate in life.
  • Explore the nature of the Universe and its Laws to help yourself live a more balanced, contrasted, and happy life. is here to help you will all of that.


The project was started with one principle in mind and that is to help you grow and live a happier more satisfying life. Doing this while exploring the nature of self much more consciously, with proper understandings of how reality operates.

These are the basis that when learned give us a compass on the daily decision map and because of that we no longer feel totally lost. It is about building the directions that we can take to live a more connected life.

Read more below to understand how it all came to be.


In life it comes a time when you need to decide.

Do you want to live in a "matrix", where you unconsciously accept certain rules about reality or you want to disconnect and learn how life really operates?

In my life, I was blessed with an opportunity that allowed me access to learning truths about reality, our human nature that changed my life by 180 degrees.

I want the same for you.

I want you to help you change your life and understand life/universe better.

This is what truth is all about. It is here to give you the knowledge which we as humanity needed so much. Knowledged which describes how we operate, how we can change, and how life works.

This is the next level we are granted and I have a deep privilege of introducing this information.

The Book


It all started more than 10 years ago from the book writing, due to my friend's awakened ability to channel. What my friend can do is a very powerful form of information transfer that he could express, while being in a form of trance. Using this method, we managed to interview and connect with Michael, a friend from other world who decided to share amazing insights on enlightened, happier, and more connected with Universe life. I know it might sound too out of this world for some of you but believe me – it is so worth pausing disbelieve for a moment and just give it a try.


During the months of conversations we had, I’ve got to ask questions and we were shared information on topics like:

- meaning of life,
- how to lead a happy life,
- dealing with a crisis,
- connecting with other people,
- what does it really mean to be enlightened,
- what does it mean to be your “real” self,
- nature of acceptance in life is one of the most life-altering concepts,
- issues with current society models,
- how ego operates in us,
- mind believes and their impact,
- what being in the moment really is,

and finally, we have been shared the Universe Laws which have their own big part in the book, as they describe the fundamental nature and principles that make our life happen and how knowing them can help us live better lives.


The biggest protection is to be on the Universe side, and manifest all that is good from that.


What is life, what is our role in it, what are basic line Laws governing it? These vastly important questions finally answered.


Understanding what does it mean to focus on the positive and all mental and manifestational power it brings.


One of the biggest and most important factors to learn and adapt is living a life of balance and how balance works in Universe


The most powerful principle, that in itself has key to how Universe operates.


Finding yourself and proper way of expression while relating to others is important for overcoming ego in us.

My story starts with an event that gave me access to information that can change one's whole life around. It gave me a new and eye-opening understanding of how life really works. I studied how to use the principles to introduce positive change.

The core of it explains how Universe operates, and that includes things like life mechanics and principles, laws that govern reality.


I understand that some of you might feel skeptical reading this. In your shoes, I might feel that myself. But if there ever was a situation to go beyond the disbelieves of our ego, that would be the moment. The stake of the information is just too big, I fully believe that.

Take your time, evaluate the information. It is for you to see how you relate to the truth and how you will approach it in the end.

Igor Orlicki

Questions and answers


What is the best way to get started?

There is no one perfect way to approach this. In order to get a good grip of information I suggest:

Starting with either getting the book that will give you all the necessary information in one place and/or subscribing to the newsletter, reading the blog, watching some youtube videos to get the feeling for the information first, and getting free education.

A different method is to become a project supporter where you can watch UniLight movie, explaining the concepts. 

Another great way to learn is by attending one of the events.

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Why should you trust me?

Is the truth actually truth right?

Why should you trust I am telling the truth, correct?

Believe me that when I experienced this "interview" with another world being I had these doubts. How I can prove to all of you this is the truth and from my point of view - that this is the most important information humanity got.

The answer is I can, and I cannot.

I can, because you can experience it yourself.

You can read, watch it and connect the dots but more importantly - practice it.

Once you start practicing the teachings and see how it changes your life, changes how you feel, your experience, and happiness in a positive way - this is how you can see and know this for yourself. 

When you get to know them, with time, you will also be able to understand. See more clearly many mechanisms of how we operate, how we work, and how we can change. This can spark many "aha" moments just by getting to know the information, I know it did for me.

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Who is the channeler,
why he didn't publish this himself?

The channeler chooses to remain unknown. It is a personal choice and personal reasons. Maybe it will change in the future, but I cannot speak for that person. He has full right to do so, and that is why my role comes into this. I was the interviewer, who could ask hundreds of questions in the span of about ~2 years. After that, I needed to know for myself how all of the teachings change me and my life first.

Now I know, and I am ready to speak. To help you understand too.

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Why are you charging for this information,
shouldn't it be free?

There is free content available on the blog, youtube for everyone to enjoy. The price of the book is made, so it is available for a vast majority of people.

To sustain the project, to focus on it the most, the source of income is needed, but you can use only free materials if you prefer.

The question should I make the book available for free is a question I was struggling with for a long time, and believe me; I considered just putting it out there more than once. The plan I have finally is different, though.

This information is too important, and I want to devote my time to this project as much as I can, which means I need to support myself and my family.

To do that, I will allow ways for you to get this information in a more organized way - book, video programs, video updates, and in a less organized way for free - blog, youtube videos.

If you really want to get these understandings - you will be able to do it for free. If you decide to have more accessible, deeper insights - at least get the book. In it, you will have everything you need to transform your life but also to finally understand life. This is just too important to miss.

For these of you who will feel a deeper connection and want to help, becoming a supporter is something I deeply appreciate, and also you allow the project UniLight to grow and spread the information further.

Together we can achieve this.

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What's in it for you?

One of the things you will learn by reading the book is that this might not be the best question to ask yourself, but at this stage, I assume you might not read it yet. Therefore let me answer this by describing this in a more graphic way

  • Navigating life without a map on how daily choice-making impacts us and experience might lead to very random results, depends where you lucky enough to actually chose aligned with Universe principles or not.
    After reading the book, you will know the map. The navigation then is so much easier when you know where is the right direction to move. Each day, each choice will no longer need to be random, but you will see the arrow pointing you in the right direction. Then you can follow it.
  • Living our lives, we encounter things that are hard to accept and understand. We can answer some things based on our current science, some based on our logic, some we just really don't know how to explain. The knowledge from the book tackles major questions we have about life, and we get answers.

I understand these are only metaphors, but I assure you that in the book you find very clear answers, concepts, and directions on what to do. The answers were shared in a very practical manner.

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Becoming online supporter


If you resonate with the project and you feel you would like to do a bit more to assist, I have enabled an easy way for that. Becoming a supporter means helping maintain and grow the project by a monthly contribution of your choice, and as a thank you for that I've also enabled a few dedicated options doing such.

I definitely want to empathize that the project aims primarily to GIVE value to you and becoming a supporter is totally optional. There are many ways to access the information for free (blog, youtube, newsletter, etc.) and from my point of view, the most important choice you can make is to actually get the book. However, if by any means you prefer to learn more from structured video in movie form, or maybe you simply resonate enough to support the project, I appreciate all given help. 

If you decide to support you are, first of all, contributing to the project and allowing us to continue working on spreading the information to as many people.


What happens once you decide to help

You support the project. By becoming a member you, first of all, support the creators of the project and allow the continuation of the work towards bringing the information further to humanity. Your help is greatly appreciated.

You gain access to unique parts of the website, that is accessible only when you get a supporter account. This is my way of saying additional thank you to all of you who decide to help more. In that unique part you will be able to find:

  • Dedicated Unilight movie. In the movie, I explain more in-depth and from different perspectives different concepts from the book. More than 2 hours of material that will help you learn and understand better all of the Truth concepts.
  • Online community, members of the program have access to a supporters only forum where they can exchange thoughts and questions with each other. There are also different ways to connect that you can read in the community section of the website.
  • Occasional vlog video addressing subjects you deal with and is based on questions only members can post, different metaphors for better understanding, new examples.

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