Public Online Group

One of the ways to connect with each other, share your thoughts and talk about the teachings of the book, is by joining our free, closed online Facebook group.

Share your perspective, challenges, seek counsel, and help others. The online group is for you to use.

Click here to go Facebook group

Please know that we also have a forum version available only for supporters. It also gives access to posting questions and selected ones are answered on periodical videos. You can read more about it here.

Local clubs

Meet with like-minded individuals, explore the nature of the Universe together, and help each other.

We are searching for leaders all over the globe to start local communities that will meet on regular basis, share their challenges, search for answers together, speak about their thoughts on using the Universe principles in practice.

  • Clubs are open for everybody who is of legal age.
  • They are non-profit for members and leaders.
  • Once you meet the requirements to charter as an official UniLight club, you are also given the right to use the UniLight Club brand.
  • Official charters are being given club rules & regulations that each club needs to meet to stay on the list of active clubs.
  • Members who are also supporters in online lessons, get access to additional club content.

THE CLUB PROJECT IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date regarding progress.


Connecting with people either live or online helps to understand information but also brings people closer.



Workshops & Events

One of the strongest experiences you can have to better understand and learn about Universe Principles is to attend one of live events.

  • Workshops typically last 4-8 hours and are aimed at smaller groups of 15-20 people. The immersion level is very high and you get the needed individual attention.
  • Live events are hosted for a bigger amount of people and are more focused on general information applicable to many.
  • Online webinars are most often hosted around a particular topic.

The current list of events is here