Custom sessions


Meet me online for a scheduled custom session

Each month I do my best to devote some time and host custom sessions.

The session is an individual or small group private consultation, during which you can ask your questions and I will share my perspectives on how to help you or explain to you some parts of the book better.



Understand better your individual situation

Sessions can be especially useful when:

  • you are stuck in a situation and even though you are aware of the principles you could use more personal guidance;
  • if you have burning questions about the nature of the Universe that, based on the book you would like to talk over more;
  • you learn better when you have a more personal conversation.

These are just sample reasons, and whatever your reason might be, I am open to helping you understand. 

Make sure that your message includes some additional information:

  1. Is it an individual or group session? If a group, how many people?
  2. Why would you like to speak to me? Your main questions or topics of conversation.
  3. Are you looking for one session or to schedule a few sessions?
  4. What is your time zone?

Sessions are priced individually, based on the number of attendees, frequency and time. In order to check availability and cost, contact me directly via the form.

The availability for sessions varies each month.