So it begins, the book is published.


The 17.12.2021 marks the publishing date for Unilight.me book. I am not going to hide that is a very special moment for me and a major milestone of accomplishment. More than that I am super excited about how much value it is going to bring to those who want to learn.

It was a journey that started years ago and during it, my transformation with getting through many ego patterns had its ups and downs. My rule of thumb was and is to "do my best". Sometimes it is a lot in a day, sometimes it is just not giving into own negativity and barely going through it. It all is rooted in many different sources of where the negativity could originate, but no matter the momentum in us - we do have the power to change and the book can show you that along with the tools you can use.

The interview with Michael influenced my life very positively in so many ways. But it is not only about knowledge, it is actually a dedication to stay committed along the way as much as you can. And this is what Unilight.me is all about. Not only give you initial knowledge - which is a lot in itself - but also to be there for you on regular basis and help you persevere the change book can spark in you.

Whatever the reasons that drew you to the project initially might change as you change. Keep an open mind and if you are desire so, let's begin.

I wish you all the best.

Unilight.me creator
Igor Orlicki

Success is following the way of life you have chosen.

- Michael

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